Soolo is a sensor that can measure, count, weigh, register and track anything you want.

Soolo provides
the value of knowing

With Soolo installed, the tank will never be empty and it will never overflow. Your suppliers or colleagues can easily check the Soolo app to know how much is in each tank, at a moment’s notice. Soolo has a wide variety of uses such as tank measurement and provides value in a number of industries. We are with you through the whole process from installation to support.

The largest expense is not having Soolo

You can save costs, time, and emissions to name a few. In the app you can see the tanks contents in real time, this makes it easier to plan refuelling trips for both you, and your suppliers. Soolo measures most types of tanks. From small 20 liter tanks to large 4.8 million liter tanks.

We have installed close to 3,000 Soolo meters at our customers’ premises. We want to make it as easy as possible to get started with Soolo. To achieve this, we have introduced a low monthly cost. This means you don’t have to worry about making a big investment from the start.

Why choose Soolo?

Reduser utslipp

Med Soolo sparer du tankbilene dine for unødvendige utkjøring og kan redusere antall kilometer kjørt med opp til 40%. Dette er mye penger og Co2 spart på lengre tid.

Spar kostnader

Det koster mye å ha en flåte med tankbiler som kjører rundt på forskjellige påfyllingsruter. Med Soolo kan du planlegge ruter tilpasset hver tanks behov og dermed spare unødvendige utkjøringer. Dette tilsvarer opp til 40% av logistikk-kostnadene spart.

Unngå nedetid

Ha full kontroll på alle tankene dine og unngå nedetid på grunn av tomme tanker. Med Soolo vet du nøyaktig når du trenger påfyll fordi du får jevnlige oppdatering av tanknivå direkte på mobilen.

Oversikt og kontroll

Med Soolo kan du få full oversikt over alle tankene dine som har en Soolo sensor. Du får en enkel og brukervennlig app på mobilen der du kan se tanknivåer på alle tankene i sanntid.

Why choose Soolo?

Reduce emissions

With Soolo you save your tanker trucks from unnecessary refueling trips and you can reduce the distance driven with up to 40%. This equates to a lot of money, and CO2 saved in the long run.

Reduce expenses

A large fleet of tanker trucks driving all over the country on different refueling routes costs a lot of money. With Soolo, you can plan routes based on each tank’s refueling needs, thereby reducing unnecessary trips, saving up to 40% in logistics costs.

Avoid downtime

Maintain full control of your tanks and avoid empty tanks resulting in operational downtime for your business. With Soolo you know exactly when you need to refuel because you get regular updates of tank levels directly to your phone.

Complete overview and control

With Soolo you get a complete overview of all your tanks with a Soolo sensor installed. We provide an easy and user friendly app for your phone where you can see all your tanks’ levels in real time.

Safe, reliable
and user friendly

Our user friendliness separates us from our competitors. Soolo is incredibly simple to use, easy to understand and provides a magnitude of useful, actionable information. You register your subscription with us, we install Soolo where you want it. You can lean back and read all measurements in a simple, user friendly app. If you have any questions, we have a dedicated support desk ready to help you.