Level measurement

Sensors for measuring levels

There is a wide array of things Soolo‘s sensors can measure. They can measure everything from small 20 liter tanks and up to tank with a volume of 4.8 million liters! Level measurement can be used no matter the contents of the tank, it can for instance be used in water magazines, pipes, sewage or rivers.

With Soolo you are always in control of when it is time to refill or empty. You can easily check your tank’s level in the Soolo app which is available on smartphones and computers.

Distance measurement

Soolo‘s Ultrasonic sensors perform distance measurements. Of which the areas of use are countless. A distance sensor simply measures the distance from the sensor to the closest obstacle. It can alert you if a door or a manhole cover is left open or closed. In creeks and canals, Soolo can be installed on grates which collect sticks and waste. Our app will then tell you when it might be prudent to remove obstacles to the flow of water. You can change which distances will trigger the warnings sent to you yourself.