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Liquid pressure sensor for chemical tanks

With Soolo mounted on your chemical tank you always have a full overview! You can easily check the app how much is left in your tanks, and how many days until you run out. This is calculated from average daily consumption. Soolo can be installed on all your tanks, both to measure soap tanks and chemical tanks. Soolo’s app provides real time data of levels in all your tanks, which can be shared with suppliers to make sure you always have a refill on the way when you need it most. Some car washes have tanks that collect all the dirty water washed off cars, with Soolo that will never overflow because you can always check when it’s almost full.

Liquid pressure sensor for fuel tanks

Did you know that most petrol stations today, still make use of old measuring sticks to figure out how much is left in their tanks. This is an inaccurate, as well as ancient method. We install Soolo on tanks which you want to know the exact content levels of. You can share app-access with your suppliers to let them plan refuelling routes effectively. This can also let you get better agreements with your suppliers. So you will never have to think about your tank.

Liquid pressure sensor for water tanks

Soolo measures liquid levels in all tanks, fresh water tanks too. Places where it is used as a source of drinking water, it is important that tanks stay topped up. At an aquacultural site or oil rig at sea, or at a remote cabin community, running out of water is a crisis. Topping up tanks too often is not profitable either. With Soolo installed, you always know how many days you have left until empty.

Liquid pressure sensors for spill tanks

Soolo measures the volume in your tank so the spill tank never overflows. In the app you can see how much capacity you have left. You will always have a full overview and control of your tanks. Soolo's sensors can be mounted on all types of tanks and have a wide use area. If a contractor is responsible for draining your spill tanks, you can give them access to the Soolo app, so they will know when they are needed. Our liquid pressure sensor can withstand most types of fluids and can be used for spill tanks with all kinds of contents. Tanks that collect spilled oil, dirty water from car washes, camping ground, aquacultural sites, to name a few. Are you wondering if you can make use of Soolo? Contact us today!

Ultrasonic sensor for creeks and canals

Soolo alerts you if the water is not flowing correctly. In streams and canals, waste and debris can obstruct water flow. Debris can build up on grates which are placed to make sure debris does not flow through the whole stream. Soolo is installed in each side of this grate and will alert you if the water volume on each side of the grate shows variances. if there is one meter of water heigh on one side, but only 30cm on the other, you know that something is obstructing water flow and there is a problem. Currently, these grates a cleared regularly, but with Soolo you only have to go out there when there is a need for it. At any time you can check the app yourself, or receive alerts if water levels reach indesirable levels. If the debris is not cleared in time, there is a risk of flooding which can lead to material damages and time consuming repairs. Where there's a risk of high water levels is where Soolo should be prioritised.

Ultrasonic sensor for door control

Soolo's ultrasonic sensor can be used to detect objects, if a door or gate is open or closed or if someone is standing in front of it. The sensor measures the distance to the obstacle. This can provide an advantage to specific indestries. In storage rooms where it is imortant to maintain stable temperatures, for example hatcheries or coolers/freezers. Also in car washes, sensitive chemicals can be destroyed on cold winter days if the gate is left open. This is especially useful in unmanned car washes, and can be used as a security measure. You can define own time frames where you can be alerted if a door is opened.

Ultrasonic sensor for manholes

In the Soolo app you can check the volume of all manholes with ultrasonic sensors installed. This gives you the ability to plan where and when you need to send crew to drain the sewers. Some locations have a need for more regular draining than others. Without sensors, you might spend unnecessary time on locations which do not need to be drained as often, while others need to be drained more frequently. Soolo enables you to optimise your draining routines to cut costs, and be more efficient at stopping floods.

Ultrasonic sensor for sand traps

Soolo has developed sensor which register sand/sludge levels in sand traps, maholes and magazines. By placing sensors in places which are frequently filled up, we can contribute towards needs-based drainage routines which can further optimise drainage systems. The possibilities include:
  • Identify the most critical sand traps, manholes and magazines
  • Place sensors to monitor sludge levels
  • Facts based data analysis
  • Alert drainage needs directly to vacuum trucks
  • Identify bottlenecks in drainage systems to enable optimisation

Ultrasonic sensor for septic tanks

Soolo can be used on septic tanks of all sizes to provide information on the volume. Nobody wants a septic tank to overflow. In the Soolo app you can see your remaining capacity in real time and better plan your tank drainage logistics. Before, septic tanks were emptied in set intervals, every year or every second year, but with the Soolo app you can first check the tank's volume if the actually is a need for draining it. At winter cabin communities in remote areas for example, the septic tank will only be filled up in weekends or during holidays. You can avoid many angry phone calls by being able to make sure the septic tank can last through the easter holiday for example. Soolo's sensors are waterproof and can withstand most types of liquids.

Ultrasonic sensor for water tanks

Soolo measures liquid volumes in all tanks, water tanks too. Soolo is an important addition to fresh water tanks, especially where the water is used for drinking and hygiene. In aquaculture, on an oil rig, or in a remote area it is hugely important to keep fresh water tanks topped up and constantly being updated on current water levels. Running out of water can put human lives at risk, but topping up too often can be very costly. With Soolo you will have a full overview of daily usage, current levels, and estimated number of days left in the tank before it is empty.